An uncommon approach with concrete results.


In our speaker training workshops, participants are on their feet. Activities and practice sessions are integrated throughout the program to ensure you are learning by doing – and never bored! Wear comfortable shoes and expect to have some fun.


Actionable takeaways are central to our training. Communication and speaker skills are taught through simple tips and easily learned techniques that you can confidently implement in your next presentation.


To improve as a communicator, you need feedback that’s personal. During our speaker training workshops, we coach individuals based on their unique problem areas. As a result, you will walk away with reproducible skills and immediate results.

“Excellent, innovative, interactive, and well worth the time. I am more confident with presentations after this workshop.”

Strategically engage your audience

We take an advanced approach to audience engagement.

It is impossible to deliver your message to a distracted audience. That’s why our speaker training workshops focus on five essential audience-engagement approaches: Delivery, Interactvity, Messenger, Messaging, and Visuals. Each approach includes practical strategies, tactics, and tips that will transform how you communicate.

Training Takeaways

  • Establish immediate rapport with your audience
  • Keep your listeners engaged
  • Increase audience retention through visuals
  • Use vocal energy and body language
  • Master your Q&A sessions
  • Be a persuasive listener
  • Develop an audience-centered message
  • Learn to use storytelling with all types of content

Telling the Story of Your Data

It can be difficult to avoid overloading your audience with too much technical information. Often referred to as “data-dumping,” this is a common hurdle when presenting medical or scientific information. To overcome this obstacle, we don’t make you change your content or leave out key research. Instead, we train physicians and pharmaceutical professionals to engage their audience as they tell the story of their data through key messages.

Speaker Training Workshops

Our training is about you. Whether you need one-on-one coaching, a large program with breakout sessions, or engaging virtual workshops, we work with you to create the best strategy for your training needs.

Presentation Skills

  • Grab your audience’s interest from your first sentence
  • Maintain interest through storytelling techniques
  • Project poise, confidence, and credibility through exceptional delivery skills
  • Manage PowerPoint content and other multimedia aids to drive home your message
  • Incorporate insights from research and experience in emotional intelligence
  • Communicate customized, clear, concise, compelling, audience-centered messages

Facilitation Skills

  • Increase message retention through interaction strategies and listening techniques
  • Encourage equal participation by asking the right questions
  • Use conversational prompts to gather important information
  • Assess and define your audience’s understanding, expectations, and interests
  • Effectively redirect conversations to stay on track
  • Keep your composure during difficult Q&A sessions

Delivering Medical Content

  • Understand the core slides of your educational deck
  • Identify key messages and main points
  • Articulate slide content using the Content Management Process
  • Communicate key messages through storytelling techniques
  • Avoid “data dumping” while conveying scientific information

Telling the Story of the Data

  • Use storytelling techniques to deliver your message
  • Engage your audience through a simple four-step strategy
  • Make your message clear, concise, and memorable
  • Use visuals to reinforce your key points
  • Motivate your audience to listen

Presenting 1-on-1 or by Phone

  • Influence others through key communication strategies
  • Construct positive and productive interactions
  • Perfect interpersonal skills such as listening, questioning, and constructive feedback
  • Effectively negotiate with win/win results
  • Purposefully incorporate the art of persuasion
  • Appreciate the value of constructive conflict

For Business Leaders

  • Establish executive presence through body language
  • Encourage engagement through eye contact
  • Create interaction with virtual audiences
  • Incorporate storytelling essentials
  • Use visuals to double audience retention

Focus on Audience Needs

  • Maximize presentation results with 25 key actions
  • Master your ability to communicate content, present data, and manage interaction
  • Engage your audience, add value, and create practical interactions
  • Incorporate emotional intelligence, personality type, and learning style
  • Assess your strengths and develop your personal growth plan
  • Incorporate every aspect of communication into your meeting or talk

Train the Trainer Program

  • Establish meeting tone, objectives, and ground rules
  • Keep meeting on time and on topic
  • Encourage interaction through active listening and strategic questioning
  • Foster positive feedback
  • Maintain focus, control, and meeting momentum
  • Handle difficult people and situations

Positive Assertiveness

  • Identify the barriers to being assertive
  • Understand different behavioral and communication styles
  • Listen more effectively and productively
  • Gain personalized, applicable insight about your communication style
  • Clearly communicate your goals and desires
  • Define priorities for effective change

Leadership Skills

  • Develop a leadership style that is natural, confident, and respected
  • Make productive, confident decisions under pressure
  • Identify and target your strengths and weaknesses
  • Inspire respect and loyalty
  • Maximize team performance through relationship building

Presenting at a Tradeshow

  • Improve interpersonal connections through active listening techniques
  • Use eye contact to build rapport and impart trust
  • Implement simple questioning tactics to ensure your message is received and understood
  • Navigate difficult conversations through emotional intelligence strategies

Message Development

  • Identify the key messages and core slides of your presentation
  • Effectively articulate the content of each slide
  • Conversationally deliver your message through storytelling and interaction techniques
  • Increase message retention using slide structure
  • Add creative tone to your presentation style
  • Give your presentation a highly memorable closing

Developing Slide Decks

  • Increase audience comprehension and engagement
  • Effectively present complex slides and predetermined decks
  • Simplify slides to prevent distraction and reinforce key points
  • Produce professional quality slides through designer tips and best practices
  • Improve the effectiveness of your PowerPoint
  • Deliver a successful, memorable presentation

Specialized  1-on-1 Coaching

  • Rapport Building
  • Message Management
  • Delivery Best Practices
  • Nonverbal Essentials

Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

  • Growth Plan Assessment and Development
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Message Management and Delivery
  • Interpersonal Interaction Strategies
  • Effective Listening Techniques

Consulting Tailored to Your Needs

  • Meeting Moderation
  • Message Development
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Leadership Strategies
  • Interpersonal Interactions