Physician Speaker Training

Help clinicians present your promotional messages.

Customized training with concrete results

When it comes to presentation-skills training, you expect results. We expect participants to leave with concrete improvement.

At EDC, we provide customized training programs that are interactive, fun, and effective. Using your content, we focus on practical skills that reinforce the data and key messages you want to convey. Your physician presenters enjoy and appreciate easily learned techniques and tips while practicing in small groups with other health care providers. Regardless of their prior speaking experience, participants in our trainings leave with concrete improvement. The result is simple: the health care professionals you are ultimately trying to reach get informed about your product from colleagues who inspire trust.

Physician Speaker Training takeaways focus on:

  • Projecting poise, confidence and credibility
  • Using a conversational approach to deliver information
  • Delivering the approved content accurately in a personal tone
  • Answering audience questions while reinforcing key messages

Your Needs Are Our Priority

Measurable results can’t happen from a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we personalize everything we do – including our handcrafted programs. We will work together to develop a program agenda that meets your key objectives. Everything from the training materials to the trainers at your event will be strategically selected to reinforce your goals.

Go Beyond Ordinary

Engage your physicians with peer-to-peer learning and highly specialized trainers.

When you use physicians to present scientific information about your product to their peers, you want them to deliver your slide deck in a positive, polished, and professional manner. Ordinary presentation-skills training doesn’t always achieve the best results. That’s why we designed our interactive physician speaker training workshops to fit the unique context and atmosphere of peer-to-peer learning. Our others-oriented trainers are experienced and educated in biology, pharmacology, and scientific information.

You can expect EDC trainers to

  • Create an upbeat and appreciative atmosphere
  • Help doctors take ownership of your slides and message
  • Facilitate smoother delivery of the material in limited training time
  • Handle technical content appropriately
  • Finish the workshop on time, always