Physician Speaker Training

for Medical Communication Agencies and Their Clients

Personalized training with concrete results

EDC specializes in delivering highly interactive speaker training programs. We help physicians become confident, credible, and persuasive communicators.

When it comes to Physician Speaker Training, we step away from tradition. Our uncommon approach focuses on results-oriented communication training that is personalized, practical, encouraging, and fun. Through hands-on coaching, participants learn to utilize the skills and best practices needed to become stronger, more persuasive speakers. The more advanced the speakers, the more refined, detailed, and in-depth our coaching becomes.

Training takeaways often include:

  • Applying storytelling techniques to medical research
  • Establishing immediate rapport with your audience
  • Increasing audience retention through visuals
  • Integrating interaction to keep your audience engaged
  • Using delivery skills to project poise, confidence, and credibility
  • Looking unflappable during difficult Q&A sessions

Focused, Specialized Training

Engage your physicians with peer-to-peer learning and highly specialized trainers.

When you use physicians to present scientific information about your product to their peers, you want them to deliver your slide deck in a positive, polished, and professional manner. During training, our focus is on meeting the educational needs and objectives of our pharmaceutical clients and their workshop participants. We work to create a fun, highly interactive peer-to-peer learning environment that is similar to where physicians will ultimately speak. Our others-oriented trainers are experienced and educated in biology, pharmacology, and scientific information. In the end, speakers of all skill levels walk away from our training with increased confidence and expertise.

You can expect EDC trainers to

  • Create an upbeat and appreciative atmosphere
  • Help doctors take ownership of your slides and message
  • Facilitate smoother delivery of the material in limited training time
  • Handle technical content appropriately
  • Finish the workshop on time, always

Your Needs Are Our Priority

Measurable results can’t happen from a one-size-fits-all approach. Prior to your program, we work with you to develop a program agenda that meets your key objectives. Everything from the training materials to the trainers at your event are strategically selected to reinforce your goals.

Training Outcomes

An interactive, blended review of the “core” slide content with skills coaching yields several significant benefits.

EDC’s unique Physician Speaker Training approach:

  • Provides the participants with an opportunity to interact with the Faculty and/or KOL’s;
  • Gives the participants the opportunity to articulate their understanding of the data;
  • Creates an opportunity for the brand team to hear and verify the accuracy and completeness of what the physicians present, and add to it or correct it if necessary;
  • Identifies product “champions” or detractors amongst the physician speakers and helps the brand team predetermine if the physicians are a “fit” for the speaker’s bureau;
  • Allows your client to determine how much time the EDC trainers should focus on the physician’s articulation of content versus their delivery and facilitation skills (for example, 80% on content and 20% on skills or 50% content/50% skills,etc.).