Organizational Leadership Program

Corporate training to keep your workforce competitive and innovative.

Organizational Leadership

Program Overview

EDC’s Organizational Leadership Program provides performance accountability through four unique certifications that measure the talent and development of people within your organization. With a focus on consistent improvement and excellence, certification participants are trained in key areas critical for success in today’s work environment.

Organizational Leadership Certifications

Certification Details

Regardless of whether employees are developing in their leadership skills or are recognized leaders, this program’s four certifications develop your employees’ strengths while keeping your workforce competitive and innovative. Each certification addresses a different segment or target audience within your company.

Credentialed Communicator™

Target Audience: high-potential candidates, emerging leaders, mid-level managers, executives
Courses: Complete Communicator Series

Effective communication is the foundation of leadership confidence and credibility. With a focus on consistent improvement and excellence, participants are trained in key areas critical for success in today’s work environment including: Delivery Skills, Facilitation Skills, Message Development, Effective Use of Visuals, and Executive Presence.

Emerging Leaders

Target Audience: entry-level to high-potential candidates expecting to assume leadership within 2-7 years
Courses: Complete Communicator Series, Developing Leadership Workshop

Emerging leaders will be shown the skills needed to connect with those under their leadership by focusing on individual development through hands-on coaching, encouragement, and interaction in a cohort-style approach. Participants will address personal development areas such as planning/organization, conflict resolution, prioritization, maintaining focus, and communicating in stressful situations. Professional development subjects include performance drivers, using conflict to energize people positively, enlisting trusted peers for performance enhancement, and identifying future leaders like themselves.

Transformational Leaders

Target Audience: mid-level leaders with 7-15 years in a position of growing leadership responsibility
Courses: Complete Communicator Series, Change Management Series

Transformational leaders are responsible for overseeing varying functions across the organization and are committed to growing within the organization while mentoring others. These leaders are (or will be) responsible for implementing changes across the organization in which revenues or expenses will be monitored, measured, and improved. Candidates selecting this track should have exposure to change management processes in order to speak with others about their successes and lessons learned as well as brainstorm current change management issues.

Organizational Leaders

Target Audience: senior-level leaders (16+ years) responsible for organizational health and development of successors
Courses: Transformational Leadership Certification, Connected Culture Workshop

This certification focuses on organizational health as the primary competitive advantage through the alignment of corporate objectives to team members’ purpose. The program is ideal for senior-level leaders responsible for business unit level activity (P/L responsibility) and are accountable for process functions and next-generation leadership development within their organization. Candidates for this program are centers of influence within the organization. Their focus is to improve the organization’s sustainability through the development of emerging leaders.

The Organizational Leadership Program provides four certifications to maintain and sustain a competitive and innovative workforce.


Certifications within EDC’s Organizational Leadership Program are comprised of four courses that are key to leadership development. The Complete Communicator five-part series lays the foundation for effective communication while Developing Leadership, Change Management, and Connected Culture workshops address the unique needs of the leadership lifecycle.

Complete Communicator Series

During this series of five highly interactive workshops, employees learn how to distinguish themselves as communicators by focusing on “rock solid” delivery skills, audience engagement strategies, and best practices for increasing message clarity and retention. Participants demonstrate subject matter mastery while presenting visuals and conveying executive presence. Participants are assessed and coached on key skills throughout the process, ensuring they are able to apply each skill to a variety of audience sizes and settings. The workshops in this series address Delivery Skills, Facilitation Skills, Message Development, Effective Use of Visuals, and Executive Presence.

Developing Leaders Workshop

Understanding your strengths, developing your personal mission statement, and defining what success looks like are hallmarks of this workshop. Practical application includes communication in stressful situations, conflict management strategies, selection and development of your successor, and key performance drivers for you and your team.

Change Management Series

Leaders learn to manage organizational change in this two-part series. Emphasis is placed on recognizing the need for internal and external change, identifying compelling issues within your company, effectively developing and executing a plan for change, and forming a cooperative coalition of ambassadors to lead change initiatives. Topics for discussion include root cause analysis vs. symptoms; articulating a new direction through vision-casting; implementing change through effective communication strategies; promoting alignment to the corporate mission; and overcoming system impediments and self-limiting beliefs. Practical application includes defining key action items and deliverables, leadership strategies, and succession planning.

Connected Culture Workshop

Participants learn to assess organizational health by evaluating and aligning the people, culture, and leadership. This workshop includes practical ways to motivate and influence others including conflict management, lifecycle mentoring, and servant leadership.

Our Training

Each workshop is customized to fit the specific deliverables and needs of the audience that will be attending. We listen carefully to your requests, refine our understanding of what you need to accomplish, and develop a customized workshop. Participants in our workshops can count on:

  • An opportunity to discuss goals for personal development
  • Tailored, hands-on coaching and constructive feedback
  • A friendly, supportive, and safe learning environment

The EDC Trainer will use adult learning methodologies that draw from the background, experience, and knowledge of participants.

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