Highly customized options to complement your speaker training.

Beyond Speaker Training

Sometimes You Just Need More

Need some one-on-one coaching? We have you covered. Want to tweak your slide deck? We can help. Have a critical training program coming up? We’ll help you prepare. You just focus on the goal – and we’ll help you get there.

Communication Coaching

Go beyond the classroom. Take your presentation skills to the next level.

Communication coaching enables you to receive immediate, in-the-moment feedback. In our one-on-one sessions, we work with individuals to increase personal awareness, develop key messages, incorporate audience-engagement strategies, establish immediate rapport with an executive presence, and more. Each coaching session centers on your agenda and your personal growth plan, enabling you to focus on key growth areas and see immediate results.

One-on-One Services Include
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Message Development
  • Content Review & Feedback
  • Sustainability Coaching

Sustainability Coaching

This three-month program is designed to continue the practical knowledge and skill mastery developed during a workshop or personal coaching session. Throughout this follow-up period, your EDC coach is available to you and your team to provide suggestions, skill ideas, and tips by both phone and email. During your regularly scheduled phone coaching sessions, you can develop, rehearse, and practice a message for an upcoming presentation. Because there is no limit to the number of people on these calls, you can hand-select individuals you think would benefit most.

Content Consulting

Captivate your audience with your story.

Message Development

A carefully crafted message is the foundation for an audience-centered presentation. We help you take your content and turn it into an engaging story that not only keeps the attention of your audience, but ensures they walk away remembering your key points.

PowerPoint Consulting

Visuals are a powerful piece of your presentation. Your slide deck can either reinforce your message or distract your audience. Through designer tips and best practices, your visuals can be the final polish needed for an unforgettable presentation.

Don't take it from us

Custom Training Programs

Individualized programs that focus on results.

Measurable results can’t happen from a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we personalize everything we do – including our handcrafted programs. We will work together to develop a program agenda that meets your key objectives. Everything from the training materials to the trainers at your event will be strategically selected to reinforce your goals.

Credentialed Communicator™ Certification

Quantify your return on education.

The Credentialed Communicator™ program provides a clear solution for performance accountability combined with a reproducible process for managing and measuring the talent and development of individuals within your Speaker’s Bureau.

The program’s unique design allows you to track progress like a university and reward commitment like a customer loyalty program. Speakers within your Bureau will receive a welcome letter and  membership card that distinguishes their credential level.

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Develop your growth plan with this self-evaluation checklist.

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