Credentialed Communicator™ Certification

Complete communication training critical to successful leadership.

Credentialed Communicator™

Certification Overview

Effective communication is the foundation of leadership confidence and credibility. With a focus on consistent improvement and excellence, participants are trained in five key areas critical for success in today’s work environment including: Delivery Skills, Facilitation Skills, Message Development, Effective Use of Visuals, and Executive Presence. These skills are the focus of the Complete Communicator Series.

Complete Communicator


The Credentialed Communicator™ Certification is comprised of of five highly interactive workshops. Attendees learn how to distinguish themselves as highly effective communicators. Throughout the training, participants are assessed and coached on key skills, ensuring they are able to apply each technique to a variety of audience sizes and settings. As the capstone of the Complete Communicator Series, participants create a Next Steps Strategy Plan and are provided with a summary recap of what has been accomplished throughout the training.

Delivery Skills: Own Your Room®

Project poise, confidence, and credibility as you deliver a compelling message by mastering foundational presentation skills. Topic areas include:

  • Grabbing the attention of your audience from the start
  • Projecting confidence through voice, hands, eyes, and posture
  • Articulating slide content effectively and systematically
  • Communicating clear, concise, compelling, audience-centered messages
  • Delivering your message with poise, confidence, and credibility

Facilitation Skills: Interactive Communication Strategies

Facilitate strategic, focused interactions that keep your audience engaged and help them remember your key points. Topic areas include:

  • Assessing and defining your audience’s understanding, expectations, and interests
  • Increasing message retention through interaction strategies and listening techniques
  • Encouraging equal participation by asking the right questions
  • Using conversational prompts to gather important information
  • Redirecting conversations to stay on track
  • Keeping your composure during difficult Q&A sessions

Message Development: Own Your Message

Deliver a clear, concise, targeted presentation using content management and message development strategies. Topic areas include:

  • Defining your message, including the “big idea,” key words, and message templates
  • Message development approaches (inductive vs. deductive, problem vs. solution)
  • Outline building strategies and effective practicing techniques
  • Making a memorable message using supporting methodologies, transition statements, and storytelling
  • Increasing message retention by effectively using PowerPoint
  • Speaking spontaneously using mental templates to quickly organize your thoughts

Effective Use of Visuals: Making PowerPoint Work For You

Ensure your PowerPoint connects with your audience and reinforces your message. Using a four-step approach, we focus on visual cues and content structures that make it easier for audiences to understand complex information and draw the conclusions the presenter intends. Following each step, participants will be coached using their individual slides followed by group interaction, feedback, peer-to-peer learning, and an additional opportunity to adjust the slides. Topic areas include:

  • Confirming the Big Idea
  • Incorporating easy-to-use visual cues
  • Improving content details
  • Combining all the above into a listener-friendly presentation
  • Producing professional quality slides through designer tips and best practices
  • Preparing a successful, memorable presentation

Executive Presence

Amplify your professionalism and increase your confidence and composure in difficult situations. With tailored content that meets the needs of participants, this workshop helps leaders grow and become a major influencer within their organization. This approach ensures maximum flexibility and practicality for the executive leader who aspires for even more impact. Training objectives include:

  • Modeling and mastering the traits of an effective leader in specific settings faced at your company
  • Projecting confidence and composure in crisis situations
  • Reviewing effective communication techniques for all business settings, including 1-1 interpersonal conversations
  • Handling difficult situations effectively through pre-planning and practice
  • Becoming comfortable and concise with executives, based on their style and preferences
  • Mastering tips for telephone, conference call, and email etiquette
  • Making solid connections at all levels within the organization
  • Handling tough Q&A through practice and anticipation