5 “Last Minute” Tips for Presenting PowerPoint

5 “Last Minute” Tips for Presenting PowerPoint

5 “Last Minute” Tips for Presenting PowerPoint 411 274 Dr. Kregg Hood

PowerPoint can make even top-notch communicators forget a few keys for effective presenting. There is something about showing slides on a screen that makes us focus on the slides rather than our audience. Remember, PowerPoint should serve you, not the other way around. It is a visual aid to you, the presenter.

The next time you are about to present a message that uses PowerPoint, have this little pep talk with yourself and remind yourself to keep these five ideas in mind:

1. Keep your tone conversational.

Each time a new slide comes up, tell the story of the slide. Don’t just read the information, describe what you think is most important on the slide and why. You might even want to talk about possible applications your audience could make.

2. Acclimate.

When the slide appears, quickly and briefly (and conversationally) tell your audience what they’re seeing. Think of it as if you were explaining the content to people who can’t quite see it.

3. Highlight key details.

Part of staying conversational is noting the details or data that matter most. No one expects you, the expert presenter, to narrate every detail. On the contrary, they want to know what you, as an expert, believe are the most essential, relevant, timely, and practical insights for them.

4. Collect, Connect, and Convey.

Talk only when you’re looking at people. Silently glance at your slide and collect your thoughts. Before you speak, turn to your audience and connect with a pair of eyes and then convey your thought.

5. Give your bottom line.

The last words you say about each slide should clearly convey why you showed them the slide. Give them the bottom line message of the slide.

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Here’s to many successful presentations in your future!